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  • Mrs Aliki Edgcumbe (Participant)

    Aliki Edgcumbe LLB (UKZN), PGCE (UNISA), LLM (UKZN) is a doctoral research fellow at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). As part of the DS-I Africa Law Group, she is investigating the use of persons' geospatial data for public health surveillance in Africa. She is also spearheading a website project which aims to make the applicable data laws easily accessible and understandable to health researchers. Her Ph.D. is focusing on the African data laws of 12 jurisdictions and systemising them into health research steps. The intention is to provide clarity on how data laws specifically apply to each stage of a health research project. By so doing, she aims to enable more effective scientific research by removing hurdles that result from legal uncertainty.