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Date: 1-3 November, 2022

Time: 9 am-4:30pm

What will happen during the workshop

The African health librarians’ workshop is funded by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. It is organized by the Data Science for Health Discovery and Innovation in Africa (DS-I Africa) and facilitated by members of the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa and Network of African Medical Librarians (AHILA/NAML), who provide quality and efficient library and information services to DS-I African consortium members, students and researchers/faculty in various institutions in Africa. The workshop will cover four broad areas namely 1) Data science, 2) Evidence Synthesis for Librarians, 3) Research Dissemination and Visibility and 4) Better Evidence for Training and Providers Program – UpToDate and MSD Manuals.

Overall Objective of the workshop

The overall objective of the workshop is to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of emerging African health sciences librarians to provide research support to DS-I Africa consortium members, students, faculty, scientists and health care providers in academic/health institutions in Africa.

Workshop organizer(s): Grace Ajuwon, Richard Ssenono, Alison Kinengyere, Haruna, Hussein, Christine Kanyengo, Dan Gerendasy

Workshop Agenda:

Monday 31 October 2022

10:30-11:00 BREAK  
11:00-13:30 Data management & Data governance Researchers
13:30-14:30 LUNCH  
14:30 Opening ceremony and reception  

Tuesday 01 November 2022

09:00-09:30 Welcome and introductions Dan Gerenday &
Grace Ajuwon
  1. Research Data Management (RDM)  
9:30-10:30 Introduction to RDM; data collection approaches; data storage, data documentation & data re-use Alison Kinengyere &
Senono Riachard
10:30-11:00 Research data sharing agreements & Intellectual Property Christine Kanyengo &
Rehema Chande-M
11:00-11:30 BREAK  
11:30-12:00 Exercise – data science brainstorming from various institutions – experiences and activities Alison Kinengyere
12:00-13:00 Up-To-Date (Better Evidence for Training & Providers Programme) Grace Ajuwon &
Oluwaseun Abiodun &
Asanre &Rehema Chande-Mallya
13:00-13:30 MSD Manuals (session by one trainee TBC) Glorias Asiimwe
  2. Evidence Synthesis for Librarians I  
14:30-15:30 Introduction to systematic reviews / what a systematic review is/ characteristics of a systematic review/ other review methodologies Haruna
15:30-15:40 Evaluation and closure Richard Ssenono

Wednesday 02 November 2022

08:30-09:30 Plenary DS-I session  
  2.Evidence Synthesis for Librarians continued  
09:30-10:30 Steps in a systematic review process & Librarians as investigators Haruna
10:30-11:00 BREAK  
11:30-12:30 Question formulation using frameworks Masimba & Kadimo
12:30-13:00 Exercise with PICO Nasra
13:00-13:30 Protocols and protocol registration Masimba Muziringa
13:30-14:30 LUNCH  
14:30-15:30 Developing a search strategy/ filters/hedges Steps in a comprehensive literature search Kadimo & Nasra
15:30-16:00 Exercise: hands on search using PubMed Kadimo & Nasra
16:00-16:30 Evaluation and closure Richard Ssenono

Thursday 03 November 2022

  3. Research dissemination and visibility  
09:00-09:30 Introduction to research dissemination Grace Ajuwon &
Rehema Chande-M
09:30-10:30 Exercise: Exploring research dissemination tools-marketplace/feedback from the marketplace Grace Ajuwon
10:30-11:00 Introduction to Research visibility Grace Ajuwon
11:00-11:30 BREAK  
11:30-12:30 Open Researcher Practical-ORCID, Accounts creation Abda Anne &
Rehema Chande-M
12:30-13:30 Measuring & comparing research impact using almetrics, bibliometrics and citation index (H-index, G-index and M-index) Richard Ssenono &
Alison Kinengyere
13:30-14:30 LUNCH