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Dates: 29th and 30th October 2022

Times: Stream-based (Typically 9am to 5pm CAT)

What will happen during the two days of the Datathon and why should you participate?
The first annual DSI-Africa Datathon meeting is an interactive activity designed to promote trust and team science by working with other consortium members. Our focus is to take advantage of the diverse expertise of the consortium to collaboratively work on projects related to data science (across multiple data types), while providing an opportunity to learn from each other and build. To cater to the diverse set of participants in the Datathon, multiple streams will run across the 2 days, and participants can select their stream of interest. The Datathon will provide a platform for data science enthusiasts to learn, apply and hone their data science skills, with training and guidance from partners, ambassadors, and data enthusiasts.

Overall Objectives of the DS-I Africa Datathon

  1. Brainstorming ideas and topics specifically related to data management within DS-I Africa
  2. Advance data science and management-related soft skills of participants, through peer mentorship and training.
  3. Building bridges and relationships between the DS-I Africa projects and members with regard to handling common data issues (through various streams) relevant to their research hubs / research.

Datathon Streams

  1. Stream 1: Data Harmonisation & Modelling
    Stream Organiser(s): Lyndon Zass; Katherine Johnston
  2. Stream 2: Training FAIRly
    Stream Organizer(s): Verena Ras, Rolanda Julius, Laura Povlich
  3. Stream 3: Working with medical images: a hands on exercise on Terra / Gen 3 Stream Organizer(s): Judy Gichoya, NIH Program Officers