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  • SYNthetic Healthcare DAta Platform for Data Science Training

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    This DS-I Africa UE5 application involves a partnership between University of Rwanda (UR), African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), and MDClone (software company that generates computationally-derived synthetic healthcare data), with participation from four DS-I Africa programs: 1) “Data Science for Health in Rwanda” U2R; 2) “Computational Omics and Biomedical Informatics Program (COBIP)” U2R, Univ Cape Town (UCT); 3) DS-I Law program; 4) Open Data Science Platform (ODSP) and Coordinating Center (CC). The overarching goal is to provide courses for skills development and mentored research projects using synthetic healthcare data sets generated by MDClone. The UE5 program objectives are: Objective 1. Training in the use of synthetic healthcare data. UR/AIMS/UCT program faculty will be trained in the use of the MDClone software through participation in short (1-2 day) beginner/advanced courses. Under peer mentoring from current MDClone ADAMS expert users at WUSTL and MDClone, they will gain hands-on training in the use of synthetic data. Subsequently training will be available to MS/PhD/postdoctoral/junior faculty trainees during all 3 years. Competencies using the software will be refined and prioritized with harmonization and standardization coordinated with other DS-I Africa U2R RTPs and Coordinating Center for wide dissemination during years 1-3. Objective 2. Deliver a mentored, hands-on, immersive, semester-long research project experience using synthetic healthcare data. The MDClone ADAMS software and underlying computationally-derived “synthetic” healthcare data at WUSTL will be made available for trainee use at UR/AIMS/UCT. Trainees will be paired with a faculty mentor and an expert MDClone ADAMS software user to complete a research project using the “Small Research Projects (SRP)” program funding for synthetic healthcare data research with a mentoring team. A scientific publication is expected from each trainee. Objective 3. Evaluate short-term training and semester-long research project. Trainees and faculty will evaluate the short-term synthetic healthcare data training program. Evaluations will be used to improve the program over time. Exploratory Objective. Determine dissemination and long-term sustainability for Rwanda and DS-I Africa consortium use of synthetic healthcare data. Over the course of the 3-year program and in coordination with the DS-I Africa ODSP/CC, we will conduct regular workshops, symposia and meetings with academic, governmental and non-governmental organization (NGS) leaders to discuss opportunities for MDClone software use at major healthcare organizations. These conversations will set the stage for widespread use of synthetic healthcare data in Rwanda and across DS-I Africa. Discussions with Rwandan Ministry of Health, Rwanda Biomedical Center, National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR), and National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) are ongoing to harness the power of MDClone ADAMS synthetic healthcare data to address challenges in Rwanda and the DS-I Africa Consortium.

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