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Third Meeting of the DS-I Africa Consortium
3 November - 9 November 2023

  • Prof Amina Abubakar Ali - Speaker

    UZIMA-DS: UtiliZing health Information for Meaningful impact in East Africa through Data Science (Contact-PI)

    Dr. Amina Abubakar is a Kenyan research psychologist. She is a Professor and the Director of the Institute for Human Development, Aga Khan University. She is also a senior research scientist at the Kenya Medical Research Institute/Wellcome Trust Research Programme and holds an honorary fellowship at the University of Oxford. Dr. Abubakar's research focuses on developmental delays and impairments in children affected by health challenges such as HIV, malnutrition, epilepsy, Sickle Cell Disease, and malaria. She is keen to contribute towards developing culturally appropriate strategies to identify, monitor, and rehabilitate at-risk children. Recognized for her pioneering work, she received the prestigious Royal Society Pfizer Award in 2016 for her impactful research in East Africa and contributions to neurodevelopmental assessment.