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Third Meeting of the DS-I Africa Consortium
3 November - 9 November 2023

Friday 3 November

Onsite Registration Desk
Venue: Auditorium Foyer

Saturday 4 November

Datathon & Synthetic Data Training Workshop
08:30 - 18:00 Welcome and Introduction
Venue: Ballroom Venue: Kivu
Datathon Teams Datathon Teams

Sunday 5 November

Venue: Ballroom Venue: Kivu Venue: Muhazi Venue: Auditorium
09:00 - 13:00 Datathon Teams Datathon Teams Possible topic: Global Health Ethics and Research in Medical Imaging (PUBGEM/MUDsReH)
Lunch Break (Garden marquee tent)
14:00 - 18:00 Recap/Write-up DGWG Planning Session (Tentative) (16:00-18:00) Opportunities for Healthcare Research by use of Synthetic Data

Monday 6 November

Working Group & Project PI Meetings
Venue: Auditorium Venue: Ballroom Venue: Kivu
08:30 - 12:00 Data Management Working Group Research Hubs PI Meeting
Training Hubs PI Meeting
Partnerships & Outreach Working Group ELSI PI Meeting/Adhoc Group Meetings/Networking
Lunch Break (Garden)
13:00 - 15:00 Opening Session
Venue: Ball Room
Welcome: Chair & Co Chair of DS-I Africa Steering committee:
University of Rwanda Leadership:
Vice Chancellor University of Rwanda
Rwanda Ministry of Health:
Excecutive Secretary of Rwanda National Council for Science and Technology:
Rwanda Biomedical Centre:
Dr Peter Kilmarx - Acting Director, Forgarty International Center (NIH)
eLwazi ODSP CC
15:00 - 17:00 Steering Committee Meeting
Venue: Auditorium
17:00 - 20:00 Welcome Reception/Networking Exchange
Garden Marquee Tent

Tuesday 7 November

Theme 1: Sustainable Data Analysis Pipelines
Facilitators: Henry Mwambi & Lori Scott-Sheldon
08:30 - 12:00 Keynote: TBA
Project: Open Data Science Platform
Presenter: Nicola Mulder
Project: HE2AT
Presenter: Matthew Chersich
Title:Developing data science solutions to mitigate the health impacts of climate change in Africa
Project: MUST Data Science Research Hub (MUDSReH)
Presenter: Celestino Obua
Project: Research for Ethical Data Science in Southern Africa (REDSSA)
Presenter: Keymanthri Moodley
Project: Research Training in Data Science for Health in Rwanda
Presenter: Davila Roman
Facilitated Panel Discussion & Q&A
Facilitated Panel Discussion Q&A (including panellists and keynote speakers)
Tea Break (Poster Viewing)
Venue: Ballroom Foyer
Venue: Kivu Venue: Auditorium Venue: Muhazi Venue: Briefing room inside ballroom
Data Governance WG Training Working Group - Overview & Competency Mapping Adhoc Meeting Adhoc Meeting
Lunch Break (Garden)
13:00 - 19:00 Welcome New Projects
Venue: Ballroom
New Project Elevator Talks/Poster Presentation
Tea Break (Poster Viewing)
Theme 2: Data Governance and Cross-Border Data Sharing
Facilitators: Barbara Sina & Sudha Srinivasan
Keynote: Dr Dirk Brand
Keynote: Dr Ciara Staunton
Project: DS-I Africa - LAW
Presenter: Donrich Thaldar
Project: Harnessing Data Science to Promote Equity in Injury and Surgery for Africa (D-SINE)
Presenter: Alain Chichom
Project: Data Science for Child Health Now in Ghana (DS-CHANGE)
Presenter: peter Amoako-Yirenkyi
Project: Combatting AntiMicrobial Resistance in Africa Using Data Science (CAMRA)
Presenter: Christian Happy (TBC)
Facilitated Panel Discussion & Q&A (including panellists and keynote speakers)
Facilitated Panel Discussion & Q&A
Venue: Garden Marquee Tent

Wednesday 8 November

08:30 - 13:30 Theme 3: Opportunities to harness artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) for health in Africa
Facilitators: Bonnie Joubert, Chris Jack
Rapporteur: Carol Shreffler
Keynote: TBC
Project: Research Training on Harnessing Data Science for Global Health Priorities in Africa
Presenter: Davila Roman
Project: Role of Data Streams In Informing Infection Dynamics in Africa- INFORM Africa
Presenter: Alash'le Abimuku
Project: Advancing Public Health Research in Eastern Africa through Data Science Training (APHREA-DST)
Presenter: Berhane Kiros
Project: Makerere University Data Science Research Training to Strengthen Evidence-Based Health Innovation, Intervention and Policy (MakDARTA)
Presenter: David Patrick Kateete
Project: Public Understanding of Big data in Genomics Medicine in Africa (PUBGEM-Africa)
Presenter: Syntia Nchangwi
Facilitated Panel Discussion & Q&A (including panellists and keynote speakers)
Tea Break (Poster Viewing)
Venue: Ballroom Foyer
DS-I Africa Trainee Session (Speed Presentations & Q&A) (70 min)
Lunch Break (Garden Marquee Tent)
14:30 - 18:30 Theme 4: Strategies for Effective and Equitable Partnerships
Facilitators: Amit Mistry & Tiffani Lash
Keynote: Professor Agnes Binagwaho (TBC)
Project: Computational Omics and Biomedical Informatics Program (COBIP)
Presenter: Bill Hersh
Project: NYU-Moi Data Science for Social Determinants Training Program (DSSD)
Presenter: Rumi Chunara
Project: UZIMA-DS: UtiliZing health Information for Meaningful impact in East Africa through Data Science
Presenter: Amina Abubakar
Project: MADIVA (Multimorbidity in Africa: Digital innovation, visualisation and application)
Presenter: Scott hazelhurst
Project: Bridging Gaps in the ELSI of Data Science Health Research in Nigeria (BridgELSI)
Presenter: Shawneequa Callier
Facilitated Panel Discussion & Q&A (including panellists and keynote speakers)

Thursday 9 November

08:30 - 12:00 Workshop
Venue: Ballroom
eLwazi ODSP CC Consultations (by appointment) Excursion