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Saturday 29 Oct Do-athon

08:00 Registration GSB Reception Desk
  Lecture Theatre 4 GSB Auditorium Lecture Theatre 5
9:00-17:00 Stream: Data Models & Harmonization
Facilitators: Lyndon Zass; Katherine Johnston
Stream: Training FAIRLY
Facilitators: Verena Ras; Rolanda Julius; Laura Povlich
Stream: Accessing multimodal health data across multiple cloud platforms
Facilitators: Judy Gichoya; Khadiime Jhumka; Lori Scott-Sheldon; Oki Noffisat

Sunday 30 Oct Do-athon

08:00 Registration GSB Reception Desk
  Lecture Theatre 4 GSB Auditorium Lecture Theatre 5
9:00-12:30 Stream: Data Models & Harmonization
Facilitators: Lyndon Zass; Katherine Johnston
Stream: Training FAIRLY
Facilitators: Verena Ras; Rolanda Julius; Laura Povlich
Stream: Accessing multimodal health data across multiple cloud platforms
Facilitators: Judy Gichoya; Khadiime Jhumka

Monday 31 Oct Working Group Day/Plenaries

07:30 Registration GSB Reception Desk
  Early Morning Group Activity - Waterfront Walk
9:00-12:30 GSB Rooftop Conference Room
09:00-10:30 DS-I Africa Steering Committee Meeting
10:30-11:00 Tea Break
  DS-I Africa Working Group Sessions
  Auditorium (Closed Sessions) Lecture Theatre 5 (Closed Session)
11:00-12:15 Data Management Working Group
Facilitators: Nicola Mulder & Sumir Panji
Partnerships & Outreach
Facilitators: Amit Mistry (NIH/FIC) & Michelle Skelton
12:15-13:30 Data Governance Working Group
Facilitators: Syntia Nchangwi & Laura Povlich (NIH/FIC)
Adhoc Group Meetings/Networking
13:30-14:20 Lunch Break (GSB Ground Floor)
  Auditorium Opening Session
14:30 -16:30
Welcome: Chair & Co Chair of DS-I Africa Steering committee: Michelle Skelton & David Tumussime (5 min)
University of Cape Town - Faculty of Health Sciences Dean: A/Professor Lionel Green-Thompson (15 min)
South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC): Rizwana Mia (15 min)
DS-I Africa NIH/FIC Program Director: Laura Povlich (5 min)
US Embassy :
Director of Fogarty International Centre: Dr Roger Glass - Presentation Title: TBA (20 min)
Presenter: Nicola Mulder - Presentation Title: eLwazi, an open data science platform for Africa (20 min; 5 min Q & A)
Presenter: Michelle Skelton - Presentation Title: Coordinating Centre Updates (12 min; 3 min Q & A)
17:00-18:30 GSB Ground Floor & Rooftop Conference Room : Welcome Reception, Poster Session, Consortium Networking

Tuesday 1 Nov Auditorium

07:30 Registration GSB Reception Desk
  Theme 1: Cross border data sharing to harness data science for health in Africa
Moderator: Dr Brad Newsome, Programme Officer (NIH/FIC)
8:30-8:50 The State of African Data Sharing: A Vision for an African Data Corridor
Dr. Lukman Abdulrauf, Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
8:50-9:10 Engaging key stakeholders for informing African data sharing
Facilitator: Dr. Nezerith Cengiz, Centre for Medical Ethics and Law, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University, South Africa; Research Assistant, REDSSA, Dr. Stuart Rennie, Associate Professor, Center for Bioethics, Department of Social Medicine, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, USA; Co- PI, REDSSA
9:10-9:30 Legal clarity for developing standards and agreements for African data sharing
Dr. Donrich Thaldar, Professor of Law, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban; Director, DS-I Africa – LAW
09:30-9:50 Translating principles into practice
Dr. Stephen Obaro, Professor, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, University of Nebraska Medical Center; Principle Investigator, CAMRA
09:50-10:30 Systems for driving data sharing
Dr. Fred Kaggwa, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Mbarara University of Science & Technology; Investigator, MUDSReH
Dr. Bernard Ebruke, Director of Research, International Foundation Against Infectious Disease in Nigeria (IFAIN); Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska; Investigator, CAMRA
10:30-11:00 Facilitated Panel Discussion Q &A
Panellists: Donrich Thaldar, Stephen Obaro, Celestino Obua, Nezerith Cengiz, Stuart Rennie, Henry Mwambi, Bernard Ebruke, Fred Kaggwa
11:00-11:30 Tea Break (Poster Viewing)
  Exhibition Hall (Breakout Room) Auditorium Venues available
11:30-13:00 Training Working Group Session - overview & competency mapping
Facilitator(s): Nicola Mulder, Rolanda Julius & Tshinakaho Malesa
Workshop: Funding equiptable Data Science - Welcome Trust
Facilitators: Ekin Bolukbasi & Grace Annan-Callcott
Adhoc Group Meetings/Networking
13:00-13:50 Lunch Break (GSB Ground Floor)
  Theme 2: Current state and trends for accessing health data in Africa: Best practices, standards, lessons learnt
Facilitators: Dr. Rosemary McKaig, Program Officer and Epidemiologist, NIAID/Division of AIDS, Dr. Carlie Williams, Branch Chief of Epidemiology, NIAID/Division of AIDS
14:00-14:30 Guest Speaker: Dr Mark Effingham, Deputy CEO, UK Biobank
Presentation Title: UK Biobank: A Global Resource for Advancing Biomedical Research and Drug Discovery
14:30-14:40 Research Training in Data Science for Health in Rwanda
Presenter: Celestin Twizere (Dr. Celestin Twizere, Director CEBE and Associate Professor )
14:40-14:50 Data Science for Child Health Now in Ghana (DS-CHANGE)
Presenter: Dr. Christy McKinney, Associate Professor and Epidemiologist, Department of Oral Health Sciences, School of Dentistry, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
14:50-15:00 Role of Data Streams In Informing Infection Dynamics in Africa- INFORM Africa
Presenter: Dr. Alash'le Abimiku, Executive Director, International Research Center of Excellence (Institute of Human Virology - Nigeria)
Dr. Cheryl Baxter, Head Scientific Support, Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation (CERI), Stellenbosch University, South Africa
15:00-15:10 Bridging Gaps in the ELSI of Data Science Health Research in Nigeria
Presenter: Dr. Simisola Akintola, Professor, Center for Bioethics Research, Nigeria
15:10-16:00 Facilitated Panel Discussion & Q &A
Panellists: Tinashe Mutsvangwa, Simisola Akintola, Alash'le Abimiku, Cheryl Baxter, Christy Michelle Mckinney, Celestin Twizere
  Tea Available
16:30-19:00 GSB Ground & Second Floor Exhibition: Networking Exchange & Cocktail Event

Wednesday 2 Nov Exhibition/Plenary Hall

08:30-09:30 African Health Librarians
Presenter: Richard Ssenono - Director, Information services , Infectious Diseases Institute: Makerere University Presentation Title: Reshaping Health Librarian’s role to support Data Science in Africa (45 min & 15 min Q&A)
09:30-11:00 DSI-Africa Trainee Session (Speed Presentations & Q&A)
  • Daphine Tinashe Nyachowe
  • Faith Kabata
  • Haile Mekonnen Fenta
  • Houriiyah Tegally
  • James Kenyatta
  • Jasmit Shah
  • Jessica Nnenna Uwanibe
  • Karen Kengne Kamga
  • Kouakou Yao Etienne
Facilitator: Rolanda Julius
  • Mariam Nakabuye
  • Michael Mugisha
  • Millicent Afrifa Opoku
  • Muhammad Cheik-Al-Khadiime
  • RogersMwavu
  • Odette Dzemo Kibu
  • Oluchi Maduka
  • Wondwossen Mulugeta Gewe
11:00-11:30 Tea Break (Poster Viewing)
  Theme 3: Opportunities and challenges of application of artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) on health data in Africa
Facilitator: Laura Povlich (NIH/FIC)
11:30-12:00 Keynote Speaker: Dr Skyler Speakman, IBM Research-Africa
Presentation Title: Trustworthy AI and Health Discovery
12:00-12:30 Keynote Speaker: Keymanthri Moodley (REDSSA)
Presentation Title: Balancing harms and benefits of AI: ethical considerations
12:30-12:50 Brief introduction to each DS-I Africa project aims followed by a discussion of how each project relates to the AI/ML theme
Panellists' Remarks: Kiros T Berhane (APHREA-DST) (6 min); David Patrick Kateete (MakDARTA) (6 min) and Matthew Chersich (HE2AT) (6 min)
12:50-13:20 Facilitated Panel Discussion & Q &A (including panellists and keynote speakers)
Panellists:Kiros T Berhane, Keymanthri Moodley, Matthew Chersich, David Patrick Kateete, Joyce Nakatumba Nabende, Sibusisiwe Makhanye
13:20-13:30 Questions from the Audience (10 min)
13:30-14:20 Lunch Break (Stonebreakers Restaurant)
13:30-14:20 Theme 4: Engaging communities beyond informed consent to harness data science for health in Africa Facilitator: James Churchill (NIH/NIMH)
Guest Speaker: Stephen Chacha
Presentation Title: Building Sustainable Data Use Culture
Project Overview Presentations
Presenters: Amina Abubakar Ali (UZIMA-DS ) (5 min); Rumi Chunara (DSSD) (5 min); Scott Hazelhurst (MADIVA) (5 min); Syntia Nchangwi (PUBGEM) (5 min); Alain Mefire Chichom (D-SINE) (5 min)
Facilitated Panel Discussion with Q &A
Panellists: Amina Abubakar Ali, Rumi Chunara, Scott Hazelhurst, Syntia Nchangwi, Alain Mefire Chichom

Thursday 3 Nov

08:30-17:00 eLwazi ODSP-CC Open House/eLwazi AGM & Working Group Sessions (detailed program to follow; participation encouraged & appointments can be scheduled in advance)