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Third Meeting of the DS-I Africa Consortium
3 November - 9 November 2023

Workshop: Opportunities for Healthcare Research by use of Synthetic Data

The DS-I Africa “Research Training in Data Science for Health” U2R Training Program is inviting you to attend an informative and interactive workshop titled “Opportunities for Healthcare Research by use of Synthetic Data” to be held from 2:00-6:00pm on 5th November 2023 at The Kigali Serena Hotel. There are limited seats available for this workshop.

Register here to reserve a spot! Note that spots are limited, so don’t delay!

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Time Activity Faculty
1:50-2:10pm Program Pre-evaluation (10 min) Andrea Krussel, PhD, WUSTL
2:00-2:10pm Welcome and Introduction Wilfred Ndifon, PhD, AIMS
Laura Povlich, PhD, NIH, FIC
2:10-2:30pm Overview, U2R and UE5 DS-I Africa Training Programs in Rwanda UR-AIMS-WUSTL
Moderator: Dr. Davila-Roman, WUSTL U2R program: Dr. Tumusiime, UR (5 min); UE5 program: Dr. Foraker, WUSTL (5 min); Discussion (10 min)
2:30-2:40pm Challenges with use of RBC/MOH Data for Research in Rwanda Eric Remera, PhD, Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), Ministry of Health (MOH)
2:40-2:45pm Moderated Q/A Moderator: Lisa de las Fuentes, MD, WUSTL
2:45-2:48pm Introduction to the use of Synthetic Healthcare Data (three 14 min presentations): Moderators: Isambi Mbalawata, PhD, AIMS, and Michael Mugisha, PhD
2:48-3:00pm Types of Synthetic Data and Uses Overall Professor Philip R. Payne, PhD, WUSTL
3:00-3:12pm WUSTL and N3C topics Professor Randi Foraker, PhD, WUSTL
3:12-3:24pm Privacy work in synthetic Data Professor Adam Wilcox, PhD, WUSTL
3:24-3:30pm Moderated Q/A Moderator: Isambi Mbalawata, PhD, and Michael Mugisha, PhD
3:30-3:45pm Coffee Break Transition to small groups for synthetic data demo – Isambi/Michael
3:45-4:30pm Synthetic Data Demo* 10 stations, small groups (4-5 participants/group)*
4:30-5:15pm Moderated Discussion on Synthetic Data* Moderators: Drs. Schechtman (WUSTL) & Twizere (UR). Panelists: Profs Foraker, Payne, Wilcox (WUSTL), Remera (RBC), Ndifon (AIMS), Farhana Alarakhiya & Nigel Thuku Kamotho (AKU)
5:15-5:35pm Moderated Discussion Summary Drs. Schechtman and Twizere
5:35-5:50pm Program Post-evaluation (15 min) Andrea Krussel, PhD, WUSTL
5:50-6:00pm Opportunities for Synthetic Data Training for DS-I Africa Consortium Professor Randi Foraker, PhD, WUSTL
6:00pm End of Program and Adjourn Dr. Tumusiime (UR)

*Synthetic Data Demo: 8-10 stations, ~5 participants per station.

Stations to be staffed by Rwandan U2R MS & PhD trainees who have completed MDClone synthetic data online training at WUSTL. Trainees will show how the MDClone platform works and answer questions in real-time, assisted by workshop faculty.

**Moderated Discussion on Synthetic Data: Topics for Discussion: What is the science? What we have done with synthetic data; How can synthetic data be leveraged for healthcare research in Rwanda? How are these data used in training? How do they prepare trainees for original data? How does synthetic data support sharing data with non-traditional researchers / citizen scientists / people from industry? What are the limitations of synthetic data? How do we think about the outer edge of the performance envelope?