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Networking Exchange at the DS-I Africa Consortium Meeting

Thank you for your interest in the NIH Common Fund’s Harnessing Data Science for Health Discovery and Innovation in Africa (DS-I Africa) and for participating in the Virtual Networking Exchange on July 27, 2022. The DS-I Africa program will host its first in-person Consortium Meeting from 28 October – 3 November 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa. During this meeting, we are hosting another Networking Exchange event that will allow you to learn more about the DS-I Africa program, interact with awardees in the consortium, and meet other data science and health organizations in Africa.

The Networking Exchange will take place in the evening of Tuesday, 1 November in the Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge and Graduate School of Business (GSB) Conference Centre in Cape Town. This informal event will be in-person only, similar to a scientific poster session, and will be open to any organization working on data science and health in Africa.

If you are interested in participating and can travel to Cape Town at your own expense, please contact the DS-I Africa Coordinating Center ( and Amit ( with your name, organization, location, and a brief statement of why you are interested in attending the DS-I Africa Networking Exchange. Venue space is limited so please register your interest as soon as possible and no later than 14 October. Please note that participants must be able to travel to the meeting at their own expense and attending other portions of the meeting is subject to registration fees and seating availability.


DS-I Africa Partnership Team

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