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Virtual Networking Exchange
3rd of May 2023

Summary / Goal

The DS-I Africa Coordinating Center and NIH staff are organizing a Virtual Networking Exchange event that will allow DS-I Africa projects and other data science and health organizations in Africa to:
  1. share information about their work
  2. network with each other; and
  3. identify potential partners.
Previously, DS-I Africa hosted a Virtual Networking Exchange in July 2022 and an in-person Networking Exchange as a part of the 2nd Consortium Meeting in South Africa in November 2022. The May 2023 Exchange will feature many more organizations than previous meetings and utilize web-based platforms to allow organizations to learn about each other prior to the online event.

How it works

The Networking Exchange is an informal event that will take place in Zoom through several rounds of breakout rooms. For one week prior to the event, participants can learn about the different organizations that are participating through an interactive website with information and documents about each organization. On the day of the event, participants will join a Zoom session to receive instructions about the event. Then, they will choose a breakout room to visit. In each breakout room, they will hear a presentation from a featured organization and can ask questions. Participants are welcome to move around to different Zoom rooms to learn about different organizations. After an allotted time period, the breakout rooms will close and participants will then join a new round of networking with different organizations.

How to participate

To participate, you may register as a participant or as a presenter.
  • Participants may join the event and move around between different Zoom rooms to learn about different data science and health organizations.
  • Presenters may represent their organization on the agenda for the event. They will have a Zoom breakout room for an allotted time during which they can share information about their organization and interact with participants interested in their organization.
    Note: There is a limited number of slots available for presenters so please register as soon as possible.